Middle School students in Mrs. Bettendorf’s Art class use a pinch technique to make Japanese tea bowls. 

Mrs. Whipp’s Math I students work on solving word problems.

Students play Ultimate Ball while in PE.

Students in Mr. Bell’s Pre-Calculus class verify trigonometric identities. 

AP World History students discuss Middle Eastern religion in Mr. Abline’s class.

Students learn about dancing in college from the head dance coach at Averett University in Mrs. Coleman’s class.

Mr. Swanson helps his 7th grade Band students perfect a musical piece.

American History I students watch a video clip about 9/11 while in Ms. Watts' class.

Students in Mrs. Boatwright’s Journalism class learn more about taking sports and action photographs from photographer Ken Martin.

8th graders in Mrs. Morrow’s English class analyze various short story elements. 

Students in Mr. Czysz’s Mechatronics class design and build windmills.

6th graders in Mrs. Clayton’s math class learn how to determine the area of polygons.

AP Biology students learn about diffusion through a lab.

Mrs. Shattuck’s 7th graders analyze how characters change over the course of a story.