Mrs. Bettendorf’s 8th grade Art students learn about Chuck Close grid drawings.

7th graders in Mrs. Lewis’s math class learn how to convert between percentages, decimals, and fractions.

Mechatronics students continue to design, build, and refine their mousetrap cars.

Mr. Abline’s World History students continue their studies of Ancient Greece by performing a play.

Biology students in Mrs. Bailey’s classes test their knowledge of cell transport by completing an “Escape the Classroom” contest. Students must use their knowledge to “unlock” additional clues in order to win!

6th graders in Mrs. Stultz’s Academic Success class take time to read student chosen books.

Mrs. Ragland speaks to all 10th graders about preparing for college.

Students in Mrs. Coleman’s middle school dance elective burn energy by playing 4-Square.

High School Art students and Mrs. Bettendorf work on creating a mural in the dining hall.

7th graders visited PCC to explore future career options and discuss the importance of higher education. Students participated in hands-on activities and had the opportunity to learn from current PCC students and professors.

Middle School students participated in a good behavior rewards day!