What RCS Students Are Learning This Week (10/7/19-10/11/19)

7th graders test their knowledge of vocabulary roots, prefixes, and suffixes by playing a Kahoot game for review.

Jill Clayton’s Personal Finance classes were visited by Ginny Brann from State Employee’s Credit Union bank. She discussed some of the differences between commercial banks and credit unions and performed a reality activity that reinforced financial goals and planning.

Students in Mrs. Slade’s Discrete Math class apply their knowledge of fair division by buying property while playing Monopoly and then redistributing that property using fair division principles.

Mrs. Jones’ 6th grade English students practice making inferences by playing a Quizizz game.

Middle School Math I students work on writing linear equations.

Biotech I and II students visited the Optimist Park and planted red and white Encore Azaleas, watered the plants, and mulched the area with pine needles. They had to first measure and adequately space the azaleas to allow for growth as well as follow a landscape plan. 

Mrs. Shattuck’s 7th graders explore elements of a Utopian/Dystopian society and discuss the pros/cons and effects of each as an anticipatory activity for their first novel, The Giver

6th graders in Mrs. Clayton’s math class work on determining the greatest common factor, least common multiple, and prime factorization.

Mrs. Denny’s math students test their knowledge of mathematical concepts and problem solving by working out a logic puzzle.