Biotech II students in Mrs. Clayton’s class have been learning about agricultural lab techniques and protocols. This week, they used Holly, Rhododendron, and Yew cuttings to propagate new plants by applying root boost prior to planting. In their hypothesis, they had to state whether or not they thought the cuttings would take root.

High school Art students continue their work on the mural in the dining hall.

Mrs. Carter’s 6th grade Social Studies students test their knowledge of the features of civilization with a review activity.

Ms. Watts’s American History I students study events and people related to the American Revolution.

A student in Mr. Czysz’s Mechatronics class tests a catapult that he designed and built.

Math 3 students review polynomial functions for an upcoming test while in Mrs. Slade’s class.

Students in Mr. Abline’s World History class prepare for an upcoming test by reviewing their knowledge of Ancient Rome.

8th graders in Mrs. Bettendorf’s Art elective learn and practice the pottery technique of scoring and slipping as they create mugs.

Mr. Fryczynski’s Biology students model DNA protein synthesis.

Students in Mrs. King’s AP US History class discuss a primary source document.