Students in Mr. Storrs’s AP Spanish and Mrs. Coleman’s 7th grade dance elective classes learned to dance the Flamenco before Thanksgiving break.

Biotech II students dissected flowers to reinforce what they had learned about flower anatomy and pollination. Students had to label each part of the flower and explain the function.

7th graders in Mrs. Cobb’s class discuss colonies settled by Europeans.

Mr. Ess’s Science students research and discover answers to their questions about space.

Students in Mr. Bradsher’s 9th grade English class learn how to properly cite research.

Mrs. Porter’s Science class discusses the similarities and differences between plant and animal cells.

6th graders analyze the impact of religion on Ancient Egypt while in Mrs. Carter’s Social Studies class.

ELA students work on determining the central idea of texts in Mrs. Shattuck’s class .

World History students in Mr. Abline’s class prepare to complete a peer review activity on their persuasive essays.

Mrs. Clayton’s Biotech I students extract the DNA of a strawberry during a lab activity.

Mrs. Ragland talks to 12th graders about important reminders for their Senior year.