Spanish 1 students learn about verb conjugation in Mr. Storrs’s class.

Mrs. Porter’s 7th grade Science students continue to learn about different types of cells.

Students in Mrs. King’s American History 2 class explore the scandals of President Harding.

AP Biology students in Mrs. Bailey’s class perform a demonstration of epigenetics and how the expression of genes can be modified.

Mr. Bradsher explains the expectations of his 9th grade English midterm.

6th graders in Mr. Ess’s Science class continue their study of space by completing an activity to demonstrate impact craters.

Students in Mrs. Litchfield’s 7th grade Academic Success class complete an activity related to decision making.

Mrs. Slade’s Math 3 students review concepts for an upcoming test.

6th graders in Mrs. Jones’s English class participate in a debate about corporal punishment in schools.

Mrs. Watts’s American History 1 students review concepts for their upcoming midterm exam.

Math 8 students learn about slope and y-intercept equations in Mrs. Denny’s class.