Kin Watlington from Piedmont Community College spoke to Mrs. Clayton’s Biotechnology students about PCC’s Agribusiness Technology Program.

7th graders in Mrs. Lewis’s Math class learn more about probability by completing an experiment and analyzing their data.

Mrs. Knaub’s 10th grade English students work on a writing strategy as they analyze the novel Life of Pi.

Mrs. Porter’s Science students learn more about the structures and functions of various organisms.

American History II students discuss consumerism in the 1920s in Mrs. King’s class.

6th graders in Mrs. Clayton’s Math class practice their long division skills with missing numbers and math tiles.

Math I students work on graphing inequalities while in Mrs. Whipp’s class.

Mrs. Cobb’s Social Studies class learns more about King Louis XIV and French power structures. 

Students in Personal Finance discuss various costs associated with post-secondary education.

Ms. McCormick’s Chemistry students complete a lab activity related to chemical reactions and changes in states of matter.

Earth and Environmental Science students in Mr. Fryczynski’s class mimic the work of oceanographers by drawing a cross-section of the ocean floor using data points collected by sonar.

Mr. Bradsher’s students review concepts from a recent assessment.