Mrs. Bailey’s AP Biology students practice loading DNA samples into gels in preparation for an upcoming field trip to UNC-W's Marine Science Center where they will conduct gel electrophoresis to investigate cases of fish fraud.

Math 8 students learn more about linear functions.

Mrs. Knaub’s English 2 students continue to read and discuss Life of Pi.

Students in Mrs. Jones’s 6th grade English class discuss their responses to autobiographical questions.

8th graders in Mrs. Bettendorf’s Art elective draw portraits in the style of artist Chuck Close.

Spanish 3 students learn about reciprocal verbs and practice vocabulary in Mr. Storrs’s class.

Mr. Gillis’s Drafting class tests the structure of bridges they designed and built.

Students in Mrs. DeVenuti’s Science class participate in an engineering lab where they are to design a method of transferring a “virus” without spreading it.

6th graders in Mrs. Carter’s Social Studies class present a variety of projects related to the impact of Ancient Egypt.

Mr. Abline’s AP World History students discuss the scoring criteria of the Document-Based Question on the AP exam.

Students in Mrs. Morrow’s English class work on revising argumentative essays.