Mrs. Porter’s Science students create models of DNA.

Students in Ms. Rigsbee’s Math II class learn about translations, reflections, and vectors.

7th grade Honors ELA students analyze and evaluate Pro-Con debates for examples of Ethos, Pathos, Logos in preparation for writing their own Argumentative essays.

Mrs. Slade’s Math 3 students practice what they have learned of line segments and circles.

AP Biology students researched and debated the safety of Genetically Modified Organisms through a legal trial simulation.

6th grade Math students work on their long division of decimals skills.

Art 1 students create paper mache initials in Mrs. Bettendorf’s class.

Mrs. Denny’s 8th graders work on determining the volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres using calculators recently acquired from an LP Community Grant.

Spanish 1 students learn more about Spanish foods with a cooking demonstration and tasting.

7th graders use their recently learned knowledge of experimental probability from Mrs. Lewis’s math class to guess the gender of Mrs. Shattuck’s baby. They were thrilled to find out the baby’s gender this week!