Students in Mr. Fryczynski’s Earth and Environmental Science class work on a project related to the water cycle.

American History I students learn about the War of 1812 and Native American resistance in Ms. Watts’s class.

7th graders in Mrs. Shattuck’s English class analyze a nonfiction text.

6th graders in Mr. Ess’s Science class conduct research to learn more about the phases of the moon.

Mr. Bradsher’s English I students discuss inferences and an author’s purpose while reading a biography.

Mrs. Lewis’s Math students practice solving equations and inequalities.

Mrs. Jones’s 6th grade English students work on a research project related to Black History Month.

8th graders in Mrs. Bettendorf’s Art class begin the process of constructing paper mache foods.

Mr. Czysz’s Mechatronics students build electrical circuits.

Mrs. Clayton’s 6th grade Math students continue their work on multiplying and dividing decimals.

Students in Mr. Abline’s World History class play a review game to prepare for their upcoming test on Middle Eastern civilization and culture.

Ms. Rigsbee’s Math 2 students work on a maze to practice concepts related to translation.

Students in PE have fun and burn energy playing a game of Knockout.

Students and staff participated in activities to celebrate National School Choice Week, a nationwide campaign to showcase educational opportunities available K-12.