Mrs. Canter’s 6th grade Theater students perform skits for the other 6th grade electives.

7th graders in Mrs. Cobb’s Social Studies class discuss characteristics of absolute rulers based on rulers previously studied.

Mr. Storrs’s AP Spanish students discuss quality of life factors and related vocabulary based on a text read in Spanish.

American History I students in Ms. Watts’s class learn about the Era of Good Feeling.

Mrs. Whipp’s Math I students create a food truck business plan and request money from investors in the style of “Shark Tank.”

Math 8 students in Mrs. Denny’s class learn to represent scenarios with mathematical graphs.

Mrs. Bailey’s Biology students learn more about genetic traits and pedigrees by completing a simulation to determine the heart disease risk of several generations in a family.

RCS students also participated in our 3rd Bulldogs Care Day where they completed various community service projects. Projects completed included installing student-created artwork in a local business, working on math skills with students at Woodland, repairing beds and walking dogs at the Person County Animal Shelter, creating cards and treat bags for nursing home residents, military troops, hospitalized patients, and local businesses, throwing a Valentine’s Day party for for Person County Group Home’s ICF Day residents, deep cleaning areas of the school building, creating paintings with positive messages, and creating blankets for shelter animals.