Roxboro Community School (RCS) biotechnology teacher Jill Clayton wants her students to have the best possible education, and she is constantly looking for ways in which she can enhance instruction. Recently, she received a $15,000 donation from LabCorp that will allow her students to get hands-on lab experience.

“The RCS biotechnology program currently does not have any equipment capable of teaching 21st century laboratory skills to students,” said Clayton. “With the LabCorp donation, we will be able to purchase materials necessary to provide hands-on instruction and better prepare our students for college and future careers. I am very thankful for LabCorp's support of our program and look forward to implementing new activities into the classroom.” 

RCS high school Principal Darkarai Bryant visited Clayton’s third period biotech class this week, and told the students, “Mrs. Clayton is working extremely hard for you guys.”

He later said, “Mrs. Clayton is a new addition to the RCS staff, but has quickly become a valued member. She goes the extra mile to advocate for our kids and to acquire resources that will benefit our students and the entire RCS community.”