Math 2 students compete in an “escape the classroom” game to test their knowledge of recently learned geometry concepts.

Mrs. Denny’s 8th grade Math students practice their skills with data and relative frequency.

Students in Mrs. DeVenuti’s Science class research mammal taxonomy.

Mr. Gillis’s Drafting students use the AutoCAD and Revit programs to create drawings and house plans.

Mrs. Bettendorf’s 8th grade Art students work on a weaving project.

Students in PE work on their teamwork skills by playing Speedball.

Mrs. Carter’s Social Studies students learn more about ancient Chinese civilizations by analyzing primary and secondary sources.

7th grade Math students practice finding the area of composite figures through a “speed dating” styled activity.

Ms. Watts’s American History 1 students learn about how religion influenced settlement in the western part of the country.

Students in Mrs. Shattuck’s class work together to learn more about similes and metaphors.

Projects Mrs. Jones’s English students researched and created about African-American inventors are on display in the lobby.

RCS has kicked off the course registration process for 2020-2021. Mr. Bryant, Mrs. Ragland, and Mrs. DeVillier talk to each high school grade level about the course registration process and graduation requirements. Mr. Abline visited Mrs. Morrow’s 8th grade class to share information about high school Social Studies.