Seniors in Mrs. Harris’s Civics and Economics class participate in E-Congress, a program where they take on the role of Congress and work with students from other areas of the country to create, amend, and vote on bills.

Chemistry students in Ms. McCormick’s class participate in a popcorn lab to explore density and theoretical and actual yield.

Students in Mrs. Slade’s Math 3 class discuss how to find the length of an arc and the area of a segment of a circle.

Mrs. Bailey’s AP Biology students discuss how scientists classify the world’s various organisms.

9th graders in Ms. Watts’s American History 1 class play a game of Quizizz to test their knowledge of concepts related to Westward Expansion.

Mr. Abline’s World History students begin discussing the Age of Exploration.

7th graders in Mrs. Porter’s class practice determining genetic traits that are passed to offspring by male and female parents.

Mrs. King’s AP US History students discuss concepts associated with Imperialism. 

English I students in Mr. Bradsher’s class discuss concepts from the novel A Tale of Two Cities.