What RCS Students Are Learning This Week (3/9/20-3/12/20)

Mrs. Cobb’s 7th grade Social Studies students read an eyewitness account of the Boston Massacre.

Biology students practice binomial nomenclature.

AP US History students in Mrs. King’s class discuss Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, the Treaty of Versailles, and the creation of the League of Nations.

Students in Mrs. Bettendorf’s Art elective practice gesture drawings.

Mr. Abline’s students discuss the impact of religion on historical events in the world.

7th grade Science students in Mrs. Porter’s class practice interpreting and creating pedigrees to show their understanding of genetically-linked traits.

Mrs. Shattuck’s English students learn background information related to the Harlem Renaissance and poet Langston Hughes.

Precalculus students in Mr. Bell’s class learn to model trigonometric functions.

Chris Lappin from Farm Bureau spoke to Mrs. Clayton’s Personal Finance students about the relationship between finances and insurance. He discussed with the students how insurance benefits individuals when unexpected events occur. 

Mrs. Bailey’s AP Biology students begin work on a mud lab in which they will study how different chemical elements affect bacteria and study the stratification of the various compounds contained within the mud.

Mrs. Stultz’s Academic Success students create a plot diagram.

8th graders in Mrs. DeVenuti’s Science class complete a word sort activity to apply their knowledge of structural and behavioral adaptations in species.

Math classes celebrate Pi day with various activities. Even Officer Chapman joined in on the fun!

8th graders participate in the annual Reality Day, which is designed to give them a peek into what managing money as an adult entails. Students are given a scenario that explains their career, salary, and family and are tasked with deciding how to provide for their basic needs and wants while maintaining a balanced budget. Local business and community leaders explain various options and offer advice to the students.