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RCS Receives Two Go Grants

Roxboro Community School (RCS) today received two Go Outside Grants from the North Carolina Outdoor Heritage Advisory Council. Sen. Mike Woodard visited the school this morning to award the grants. 

Natasha DeVenuti and the eighth grade team received $15,000 for the creation of two outdoor classroom areas. These areas will include picnic tables, a portable projector screen and projector, gardening supplies for beautification and a butterfly garden, sun shades, and other equipment. Teachers will utilize this area as an outdoor learning space where students can connect with nature and learn about the natural world with hands-on lessons and activities.   

High school biotechnology teacher Jill Clayton received approximately $800 to create a pollinator garden. 

Clayton said the garden will allow students in Biotech II and III to learn how to propagate plants from a variety of sources, identify plants based on distinguishing characteristics, and design landscapes. They will also learn the importance of sustainable agriculture. With the funding provided by the Go Grant to develop a pollinator garden, students will be able to determine the relationship between the various topics covered in class and the ability of pollinators to sustain the food supply. Students in class will be given the opportunity to design the pollinator garden as well as plant, care for, and maintain the garden with the added bonus of observing the pollinators it will attract. 

The garden also will be open for hands-on instruction in science, particularly environmental science and biology, as well as in art, Clayton said. Science teachers will be able to teach plant/flower structure and production. Art students will be able to visit the garden for photography, painting,drawing, or sketching the plants and pollinators for their assignments and projects. 

“We are extremely excited for our teachers to be awarded these two Go Outside Grants this year,” said Managing Executive Director Dave Ebert. “RCS also benefited from two Go Outside Grants last year,” Ebert added. “These funds enable us to create ways to get our students outside in a more hands-on setting. We are so appreciative of this opportunity.”

The North Carolina Schools Go Outside (GO) Grant was created to address the main barrier to getting kids outside during the school day – funding. Field trips and outdoor experiences offer students opportunities to explore and learn in hands-on environments.