9th graders in Mrs. Bowen’s English class practice identifying figurative language in poetry.

Mrs. Bettendorf’s 8th grade Art class works on drawing 3D shapes and shading value bars.

Physical Science students in Mrs. Martin’s class practice unit conversions.

Mrs. Haga’s Math 1 students learn more about solving 2-step equations.

World History students in Mr. Abline’s class discuss the justness according to modern day standards of the rules in Hammurabi’s Code.

Mr. Fryczynski’s Earth Science students watch a demonstration of how to determine the density of various objects.

8th graders in Mrs. Morrow’s English class discuss plot structure in fictional texts.

Students in Coach Jones’s and Coach Goodson’s PE classes complete a circuit training workout.

Mrs. Clayton’s students present their research about various careers in the Biotechnology field.

Students in Mrs. Bailey's Biology class learn more about the impact of amino acid sequencing on building proteins through a hands-on activity.