What RCS Students Are Learning This Week

World History students in Mr. Abline’s class discuss various ideas of Chinese philosopher Confucius. 

Mrs. Bailey’s AP Biology class furthers their understanding of enzymes through a lab.

7th graders in Mrs. Lewis’s Math class learn how to determine the perimeter and area of scaled figures.

Mrs. Martin’s STEM class continues their study of Rube Goldberg machines by testing out their own machines.

Middle school Art students in Mrs. Bettendorf’s class paint their own versions of artist Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans.

Mrs. Carter’s Math 3 students practice solving systems of equations in contextualized applications.

7th grade Science students practice solving problems related to speed, distance, and time while in Mrs. Porter’s class.

Mr. Bell’s Introduction to Game Design students learn more about the history of the pinball game.