What RCS Students Are Learning This Week

Students in Mrs. Meadows’s Math 2 class learn how to graph quadratic functions.

Mr. Pearce’s 8th grade Social Studies students record podcast episodes showing what they have learned through their research of the American Revolution.

6th graders in Mrs. Carter’s Social Studies class discuss the five themes of geography.

Mrs. Roberts’s Academic Success students practice giving a speech about the dangers of social media.

World History students in Mr. Abline’s class compare and contrast the ideas of Confucius, Daoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. 

Mrs. Bowen’s English 1 class begins discussing their reading of The Odyssey.

Students in Ms. Watts’s World History class discuss different forms of government.

8th graders in Mrs. Denny’s class practice their skills related to congruence, similarity, and dilation.

Mrs. Stultz’s 6th grade Academic Success students enjoy time to read in the library.