Mrs. Knaub’s English II students discuss thematic ideas for an upcoming text that will be read.

Students in Ms. McCormick’s Chemistry class learn about various scientists and ideas related to atomic theory.

6th grade Social Studies students learn more about the characteristics of civilization while in Mrs. Carter’s class.

Mrs. Meadows’s Math II students review what they have learned about functions.

AP Spanish students discuss how language can influence a person’s thoughts and feelings with Profe Storrs.

Mrs. Shattuck’s students study vocabulary while in her ELA class.

Students in Mrs. Carter’s Math III class compete in a review game for an upcoming test. 

8th grade Social Studies students work on an American Revolution timeline project in Mr. Pearce’s class.

Mr. Fryczysnki’s Earth and Environmental Science students collect data in order to perform an analysis of oceanic tides.

Mrs. Clayton’s 6th grade students make upgrades to the playground at Long Memorial PreSchool for a Bulldogs Care Day project that was postponed due to rain last week.

Biology students in Mrs. Bailey’s classes compete in an Amazing Race style Escape game in various parts of the building to review for an upcoming test. 

Students in Mr. Abline’s World History classes perform a play to conclude their study of Ancient Greece.