Students in Mrs. Bowen’s English I class play a review game for an upcoming test on The Odyssey.

Mrs. Coleman’s 8th grade Dance students compete against each other in a dance-off competition.

World History students play a review game for an upcoming test in Mr. Abline’s class.

7th graders in Mrs. Cobb’s Social Studies class learn more about prominent political families of the Renaissance.

Students work out their energy while in PE class.

Mr. Hall’s Theater students participate in enunciation exercises.

8th graders in Ms. DeVenuti’s Science class learn more about the periodic table of elements.

Students in Ms. Watts’s World History class learn more about religion in the Dark Ages.

ELA students in Mrs. Shattuck’s class practice new vocabulary.

Mr. Ess’s 6th graders learn more about the doppler sound effect through a demonstration outside.

7th graders in Mrs. Lewis’s Math class solidify their understanding of percentages through various practice exercises.

Earth Science students in Mr. Fryczynski’s class learn more about the different types of rocks.

Mrs. Clayton’s Biotechnology students build models of a neuron.