Mrs. Porter’s 7th grade Science students perform a lab to solidify their understanding of energy transfer.

Math I students in Mrs. Haga’s class review domain and range concepts.

6th graders in Mrs. Jones’s English class work with a partner to write a Halloween-themed story.

Theater students in Mr. Hall’s 7th grade elective class learn about and practice choreographed stage combat techniques.

Mrs. Carter’s Math 3 students learn about logarithms.

Recruiters share information with high school students about educational and career opportunities with the Army.

Social Studies students in Mrs. Cobb’s class discuss Martin Luther’s 95 theses.

8th graders in Mrs. Morrow’s English class discuss issues related to stereotyping in preparation for reading The Outsiders.

Biotechnology students in Mrs. Clayton’s class test their knowledge of the skeletal system. 

Students in Spanish 3 practice vocabulary related to travel in Profe Storrs’s class.

6th grade Math students in Mrs. Clayton’s class practice dividing fractions.

Mrs. Ragland assists seniors with applying to college during College Application Week.

High school Art students continue their work on a mural. 

Ms. Watts’s World History students learn about the Ottoman Empire.

Math 2 students in Mrs. Meadows’s class practice solving systems of equations.

Mr. Pearce’s Social Studies students learn more about the process of creating laws and policies through a project where they propose creating a solution for a local problem.