Max Dallas, a banker at the Roxboro branch of the NC State Employees Credit Union visited Mrs. Clayton’s Personal Finance classes to discuss various services banks offer.

Ms. McCormick’s Chemistry students study noble gas notation.

AP American History students in Mrs. King’s class learn more about founding beliefs of the newly formed United States.

Mr. Ess’s 6th grade Science students review for an upcoming test.

7th grade Math students practice calculating interest rates over time.

Mr. Fryczynski’s Biology students complete a photosynthesis review activity prior to taking a test.

English 3 students in Ms. Charles’s class learn more about rhetorical strategies.

Mrs. Carter’s 6th grade Social Studies students discuss Hammurabi’s Code.

Mrs. Bailey’s Biology students draw and dance their way through learning more about a cell’s life cycle.

AP World History students in Mr. Abline’s class discuss the African slave trade.