Alex Williams from East Carolina University and representatives from Piedmont Community College and Person County Education Foundation visit during college application week to discuss post-secondary options with students. 

G. Wesley Cone, a professional game designer and owner of Anthem Creations, visited Mr. Bell's Intro to Game Design class via Zoom. Mr. Cone shared his expertise on table-top game-design, including a tour of his favorite game mechanics and an introduction to a computer program for simulating board games. He also provided the students with some insights into the business of publishing independent games.

Mrs. Lewis explains the meaning of opposites as it relates to mathematical concepts to her 7th grade Math students.

Students in Mr. Pearce’s 8th grade Social Studies class finalize their bill proposals and present their ideas to the class. The students will also present their proposals to one of our high school History classes prior to sending their proposal to local legislators.

English 2 students in Mrs. Knaub’s class begin a research project.

Mrs. Cobb’s 7th grade Social Studies class discusses the reigns of various monarchs in Renaissance England.

Students in Mrs. Clayton’s 6th grade Math class practice multiplying numbers with decimals.

World History students in Mr. Abline’s class sing about Constantinople.

Mrs. Bowen’s English 1 students discuss conflicts present in the novel they are reading.

Spanish 1 students in Profe Storrs’s class learn about vocabulary related to holidays.

Mrs. Bettendorf’s middle school Art students watch a demonstration of and practice blind contour portrait drawing.

Students in Ms. Watts’s World History class test their knowledge of concepts learned during their study of the Renaissance through an escape game.

Mrs. Carter’s 6th grade Social Studies class learns more about ancient Mesopotamian civilizations.

8th graders in Mrs. Morrow’s ELA class practice their vocabulary.