What RCS Students Are Learning This Week

Julia Norton, an Admission Counselor from Meredith College, visited our Lady Bulldogs.

Biotechnology students in Mrs. Clayton’s class make models of the heart to better understand blood flow through the heart. 

Mrs. Carter’s 6th grade Social Studies students share information they found interesting about Ancient Egypt. 

Students in Mrs. Denny’s 8th grade Math class practice finding the slope of a line using tables.

Spanish II students in Profe Storrs’s class critique works of art in Spanish.

Mrs. Carter’s Math 3 students practice different strategies for factoring.

7th grade ELA students in Mrs. Shattuck’s class learn more about the features of non-fiction texts.

Mr. Pearce’s 8th grade Social Studies students research early American exploration and settlement of the western half of the country.

Students in Mrs. Jones’s ELA class discuss sentence structure and test their understanding of making inferences.

Math 2 students in Mrs. Meadows’s class learn about performing mathematical operations with radicals.

Mr. Ess’s 6th grade Science students research answers to their questions regarding space exploration. 

7th graders in Mrs. Porter’s Science class learn about cell organelles and construct a model of a cell.

Students in Mrs. Morrow’s ELA class prepare to complete a podcast activity.

Chemistry students in Ms. McCormick’s class learn about the conventions of naming acids.

Last week, our students participated in our second Bulldogs Care service project for the 2021-2022 school year. Various community service projects students participated in included cleaning the grounds of Roxboro Presbyterian Church and Optimist Park; clearing a trail at the Rock Athletic Complex; writing letters and creating treat bags for deployed troops, local school staff, first responders, and nursing home residents; completing educational tasks for local elementary school teachers; painting canvases to give to a special person; cleaning the school grounds; and painting murals around the school.